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  • The remaining balance (plus any overrun) is to be paid directly to you. Most drivers will only accept cash payment, the customer must confirm in advance if they wish to settle by another method such as card or bank transfer.
  • It is the customers duty to ensure all items are securely packed and ready to transport before the van arrives, extra time for packing will be charged at overrun half-hourly rate.
  • Perishable goods must be removed from refrigeration devices before transportation. Neither Alfi Removals or you are liable for any loss/deterioration of perishable goods during the move.
  • You reserve the right to refuse work and/or enter premises that they deem to be unsafe or unsanitary.
  • Can the customer add additional items on the day? If there is space in the van (and weight allowance) you may move these. At your discretion substantial amounts/heavy items may incur an additional charge (irrespective of time booked). Please confirm any additional charge with the customer before work commences and call us on 02030266995 if there is any disagreement.
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Note: Congestion Charge £15 needs to pay by customer