Such programs allow students not to quit their jobs for the sake of learning.


Such programs allow students not to quit their jobs for the sake of learning.

It is expensive. Finally, training meets the challenges of the times. There is a widespread change in the logic of business process management in the world, taking into account new technologies. The way of communication and ways of project management are changing. Project management takes place through cloud services and with the participation of remote project participants.

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Well-known American business schools significantly increase the on-line component of their MBA programs

Pros and cons of hybrid MBA programs

In the context of the crisis in the United States, MBA programs that combine the online component with on-campus training are becoming increasingly popular among middle managers and managers.

Such programs allow students not to quit their jobs for the sake of learning.

For business schools themselves, such programs are also a good way to save money, as they are significantly less expensive than traditional full-time MBA programs.

The cost of launching a hybrid MBA program can be quite high, but the cost of an existing program is usually minimal, says Dan LeClair, vice president of AACSB, one of the major accrediting organizations in business education.

Sarah Fisher, a Johnson employee Johnson, a few years ago decided to get an MBA to later look forward to being appointed to an office in another country. She drew attention to the flexible programs that allow you to work while studying, but which, however, belong to fairly well-known and prestigious schools. Such a program for Sarah was the “First Track MBA” of Babson College Business School. The program was launched 7 years ago, which combines minimal on-campus classes with a rather impressive online component that includes video lectures.

The Babson Business School program, like other hybrid programs from well-known schools, costs students about the same as traditional full-time programs and employs the same faculty. Hybrid programs even buy comparative essay include group teamwork, which is implemented through a conference call or Skype.

“At first I was reluctant to do all this,” admits Miss Fisher. But at the end of the program, she got the coveted brand manager position in her company in another country.

Let’s see what are the main differences between hybrid and traditional “campus” programs.

First, it is often easier to enroll in hybrid programs. For example, Babson College does not require a GMAT on admission.

Second, often in hybrid programs, students have a very limited set of elective courses, which significantly reduces the attractiveness of such programs for those who have decided to change careers.

In addition, students have somewhat more limited access to such “benefits” of the campus as teachers, career center, etc. – simply because they rarely appear on campus.

But despite all these differences, hybrid programs continue to grow both quantitatively and qualitatively. MBA schools have seen a significant increase in the number of applications in recent years. For example, the Duke University’s Cross Continent MBA program, which consists of 60% online modules, received 50% more applications in 2010 than in 2009.

Of course, another disadvantage of hybrid programs – the almost complete lack of live communication with their classmates and teachers – still, on average, these programs consist of 70% of remote modules. That’s the kind of communication Scott Cronin, a Babson College graduate at Fidelity Investments, lacked. However, he notes that the program has significantly expanded the field of opportunities for his career, and also gives examples of successful career achievements of his classmates.

Despite all the difficulties and shortcomings, representatives of such business schools Duke University, Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business and Babson College of Massachusetts, note that the popularity of programs is high, and is achieved through quality content that is not inferior to traditional programs …

Bill Boulding, Duke’s vice rector, notes that the business school’s hybrid program is run by executives from around the world who don’t want to come to North Carolina for two years, but still want to get an education. in Duke.

Author: Vladimir Pravotorov 13.07.2010

Forbes has compiled a list of business schools where it is better to study remotely

10 online MBA programs of the best universities in the world

The world’s leading universities are translating MBA education online. University teachers simply give their lectures on Skype, homework is available on the student’s personal page on the Internet, and the professor monitors their performance there. In the Western education system, the emphasis is on independent assignments, so the correspondent MBA programs of the best universities are not inferior in quality to full-time study on campus.

Virtual knowledge

The process of enrolling in an online program is the same as on a general basis. You will need TOEFL (English language test), GRE (Math and English test) or GMAT (test to determine the ability to study successfully in business schools), resumes, letters of recommendation, as well as two or three essays on various topics. related to business and plans for the future.

Tuition will cost several tens of thousands of dollars, but in the end, the student saves – living in another country, flights will cost almost the same amount as the training itself. However, the best universities, in addition to online work, have face-to-face sessions for practical assignments and networking.

The online MBA is not inferior to full-time programs and workload. Tasks will have to be given 2-3 hours a day, and the weekend will be occupied with lectures and seminars on Skype. The advantage of the approach is that the acquired knowledge can be immediately applied in practice. “The most interesting thing is that everything I learn and learn in lectures and textbooks, I can immediately apply in practice, and it gives me a certain impetus,” – explains a student of Manchester Business School Sahar Al-Yousef.

Students of online programs appreciate the opportunity to manage their time. “Logging in online anywhere is just an amazing opportunity. I went to the system in Germany, logged in to Guam, the system is very flexible, ”says Tony Peron, a 2012 graduate of the Kelly School of Business.

The disadvantage of an online MBA is that, trying to save money, you can run into “stamping” diplomas or simply do not calculate the strength, putting too much on their shoulders.

In 2012, the research company QS made the first attempt to compile a list of the best MBA correspondent programs. It turned out that there are about 300 of them, but the quality of most of them leaves much to be desired.

Forbes has selected 10 online programs that appear in the QS list and other prestigious rankings – The Financial Times, Businessweek, U.S. News World Report, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Princeton Review.

1. The University of Manchester (UK)

The tuition fee is £ 24,255 (about $ 38,000).

Manchester Business School offers an online Global MBA program. She is listed in Forbes, The Financial Times. The correspondence program lasts 3 years, but, at the request of the student, the course can be increased to 5 years.

Less than 50% of training is in lectures, the rest is the case method (teaching technique that uses a description of real economic, social and business situations). Practical classes are also held online, but you can come to one of the international centers of the university, which are located in Manchester, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Miami and Sao Paulo.

This British program guarantees good connections to listeners, as 80% of students are students from abroad.

2. The Indiana University (USA)

Tuition is $ 1,145 per loan (minimum 38 credits).

Kelley School of Business offers a 2- or 5-year program to earn an MBA degree remotely. This school of business periodically appears in Business Week rankings, U.S. News World Report, The Financial Times.

The program is famous for maximum flexibility and is suitable for those who want to speed up the learning process, as well as those who, for example, will need to take a time out for another semester. The curriculum allows you to get a double MBA, strengthen your education with certain knowledge – 38 of the 51 credits (credit hours) of the program are required, and the rest can be chosen.

3. IE Business School (Spain)

The cost of training is 64,000 euros ($ 84,000 for 13 months).

This program has been recognized by The Economist, Businessweek, The Financial Times.

The training is as interactive as possible, part of the work takes place online, and face-to-face sessions are held in international centers in Spain, China, the United States and Brazil. The program offers a focus on the markets of Asia and Latin America

4. University of Warwick (Great Britain)

Tuition is £ 6,950 (about $ 10,000 a year).

Warwick Business School is the second and best online business school in the UK according to the Financial Times.

To a greater extent, the course is taught at a distance, but twice a year you need to come to the university to participate in 3- and 5-day sessions. Students receive multimedia materials to study, as well as a list of literature needed to read. Each module provides online scheduled classes.

5. Thunderbird School of Global Management (USA)

Tuition is $ 69,800 (for 46 credits).

The Thunderbird MBA program has many awards and is in the top five rankings of different years The Economist, Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, U.S. News and World Report, Businessweek.

The program lasts 19-28 months and is a mixture of online work and seminars that take place on campus.

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