Man and Van Hire Service

Questions to Ask A Man and Van Hire Service Before Hiring

When it comes to hiring a man and van removal services, you need to be rational and cautious. The reason is pretty simple — moving is a tedious process and it involves a lot of safety aspects that have to be maintained. That is the reason you need to be sure that you pick up the right man and van service in your locality, for a seamless, perfect and quick move. For that, you need to ask a few questions to the service provider.

How experienced are you?

Nothing counts more than experience when it comes to hiring a moving company. The dimension, objective, rationale and nature of removals vary immensely from one assignment to another depending upon the nature and the layout of the property. The nature and volume of assets also make a huge difference. Thus, you must hire a moving man and van removal company in Stoke Newington or elsewhere in your location, which has been in this industry for years and has sizable experience of moving property and assets like that of yours.

Are you insured and are the moving specialist licensed & background checked?

This is the next most important question you need to ask. You must ensure that the moving company is fully insured, so much so that you will be saved from financial burden in case of any loss or damage of your assets if any. Also, you must guarantee that all the moving experts that the company has in its team are licensed and bonded, and they are background-checked. This ensures that your assets are in the safest hands.

Do you have the latest tools and do you know the best techniques for moving?

At times, depending upon the type of assets, their volume, nature and the space available for maneuver and move of the furniture, the movers may have to use certain specialised tools and the appropriate techniques. You must ask the man and a van service provider near Camden Town or elsewhere whether they have access to these latest tools and if they are used to the innovative techniques that will help fast, and unscathed relocation of your assets.

How good are your moving vans?

To excel, a moving company must have a sound logistic system. It must have impeccably maintained moving truck(s), which are driven by local blokes with an excellent driving record. This ensures that your assets are moved to the new address in minimal time.

Do you offer same-day service?

Every moving company has to realise the urgency of their assignments and has to come up with solutions at the earliest. Thus, before you put stakes in a moving company, you need to know whether it is ready to offer you same day service if the situation demands.

What will be your charge?

Finally, you need to ask about the price. You will surely not like to hire a company that will charge exorbitant prices for their service. Nor will I want to hire one that will charge a price that is too low to be true. You should hire a cheap man with a van service near Hampstead that offers a competitive price.

Taking all these into account, the best name that you can come across is Alfi Removals Ltd. Call us at 020 3026 6995 or 07904 783617 to book an appointment.