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How to Pack Fragile Items before Calling a Man in Van Service?

When it comes to packing fragile items before a move, the struggle can be real. But if you know the correct packing methods, you will not have to put in too much effort. Then, after you complete the packing, you can call a man in a van service. Now, if you are in Finsbury Park and anxious about how to pack the fragile items in your apartment, follow the points that we have mentioned here.

Using Small Boxes for Glassware

Before calling the professionals providing man and van removals in Finsbury Park, place the glassware, plates, vases, etc. in small boxes with bubble wraps and secure them with tape. Also, you can wrap them with a towel to protect them from collisions.

Placing the glassware in small boxes is recommended since less space will keep them stable in a single position during transit. Thus, this is indeed a good way of protecting your kitchenware.

Use a Cardboard

You can stack breakable plates or bowls together. Also, to pack these properly, place a hard cardboard piece at the bottom of the box. After that, place a piece of bubble wrap and packing paper between the plate and the bowl. This way, you can stack four to five plates and seal them with packing tape.

Use Original Boxes for Monitors or Televisions

You should place the monitors and televisions in their original boxes as they are designed to fit these appliances. Moreover, they will offer the best protection when they are on the move. So, before you call the professionals carrying out the man and van near Hampstead make sure you are following as mentioned. But if you don’t have the appropriate box, you will first need to remove all cables and wrap them with bubble wrap to enhance the protection. Then, you need to label them and put them in a small box.

You should use bubble wraps for the screen too as it is very fragile and susceptible to scratches and damage.

Use Protective Layers for Small Appliances

If you want to pack small appliances such as toasters or kettles, you should use packing paper and bubble wraps before placing them in a hard cardboard box. That way, you can keep them protected from scratches or dents.

Dismantle Furniture first Before Packing

Packing large furniture is indeed cumbersome. But this task can be simplified if you dismantle furniture first. But for this, as the Finsbury Park man with a van service providers suggest, you should read the manual that clearly provides directions related to the dismantling of furniture safely, without damaging them.

Check the Packages

Lastly, after packing all the materials in the way we have mentioned, you should check them to see if they are well-packed. And after that, you should permit the movers to carry them away.

If you follow these procedures, chances are that none of your fragile items will break during the move.

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