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Removal Checklist Followed By Reputed Man and Van Companies

You might have heard that professionals providing man and van services follow a comprehensive checklist to carry out the removal in an organised manner. But if you are wondering what is included in the checklist, this is the discussion that you need to follow. Then, if you are in Holloway and planning to relocate, you can ask the removalists whether they prepare checklists and follow them properly.

  • Packing the Lighter Items in Larger Boxes and Vice Versa

The professionals carrying out man and van removals near Holloway will note down the items in their checklist that will be packed and relocated. But they will also note down the packing materials. For example, for the lighter items such as toys, clothes, etc. they will use large boxes. But to protect the smaller materials from damages, they will pack them in smaller boxes. Also, they will check the packed boxes to see whether they are properly secured.

  • Check the Appliances Before Packing

Before packing the appliances such as air conditioners, fridges, etc. the removalists will check if they are totally empty. But apart from this, they will also inform you to clean them before they can be packed to reduce the chances of mould formation on their surfaces. Also, while packing these heavy objects, they will use bubble wraps to protect them from impacts.

  • Dismantling the Furniture Before Packing

The professionals in the man and van service will dismantle the furniture step by step before packing. This is something that they will include in their checklist because large items cannot be packed without disassembling.

The removalists will dismantle the furniture following the guidelines stated in the manual. Also, they will store the hinges, screws, etc. in a safe place so that you can assemble them again in the new location.

  • Things Not to Pack

The removalists employed at the company providing man with a van for hire in Holloway will also prepare a list of items that they should not pack. Some of these include wallets, phones, keys, documents, etc. However, if you want to pack some of the valuables and ask them to transport them, they will do so. But then again, it can be risky. So, the removalists recommend against it.

  • Take Special Care for Fragile Items

For small and fragile items, the professionals will use special boxes and will keep them in a safe place inside the transport truck to prevent collisions. They will also make a list of the small items in their checklist so that they can pack them efficiently. Otherwise, they can break during the transport which can be problematic.

  • Matching the List With the Packed Items

Finally, before carrying the items to the transport truck, the Holloway man with van professionals will match the checklist with the packed items to see whether they have left any of them.

So, these are the things that the removalists include in their checklist to make the removal perfect.

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